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S.NoCircular No.Circular DateTitleDownload
1 12-A-374-7828/02/2015Warrant for Railway Yatras for Police Personnel 12-A-374-78
2 CA-Camp-201528/01/2015Free Medicines for Police Personnel CA-Camp-2015
3 CA-camp-201415/01/2015Circular for Diagonostic Labs in whole UP authorised for free checkup CA-camp-2014
4 CA-camp-201411/01/2015PGI/ Diagonostic Center to accept Identity Cards for Checkup CA-camp-2014
5 Cashless Diagonostic Form10/12/2014Cashless Diagonostic Form Cashless Diagonostic Form
6 23-chikitsa-Nirdesh-201421/11/2014Regarding availability of Medicine through Contract with medical Stores 23-chikitsa-Nirdesh-2014
7 28-Awas-Bhatta-Nirdesh 201428/10/2014Regarding HRA given to all Karmiks 28-Awas-Bhatta-Nirdesh 2014
8 23-(CASELESS)/TREATMENT-201428/05/2014spgi fee less treatment for up police 23-(CASELESS)/TREATMENT-2014
9 12/a-caeshless/201106/01/2014spgi fee less treatment for up police 12/a-caeshless/2011
10 12-A-cashless-2011 06/01/2014Free Medical Treatment of Police personnel in SGPGI 12-A-cashless-2011
11 558पी/छ-पु0-6-12-1198/9922/06/2012पुलिस विभाग के अधिकारियों को विशेष जाेखिम भरे कार्य के दौरान अदम्‍य साहस एवं विशिष्‍ट वीरता प्रदर्शि‍त करत समय मृत्‍यु होने पर देय अनुग्रह धनराशि में वृद्धि किये जाने विषयक 558पी/छ-पु0-6-12-1198/99

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