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"सुरक्षा भी सम्मान भी"


The U.P. Police Mahila Samman Prakoshth (MSP), an initiative of the UP Police to serve over
10 crore women who live in Uttar Pradesh, was officially started in September 2014.

It has designed and implemented a bouquet of nine discrete and yet inter-connected programs based on the 3P model and have optimally leveraged ICT and human resources to evolve a holistic framework of Gender-sensitive Community Policing for ending gender-based discrimination in its various formats.

The work of MSP is directed towards generating awareness, creating a synergy and capacity-building for women empowerment, and is also interspersed with direct and indirect action with the help of local police and civil society members.

These programs can be divided into three broad divisions and are aimed at providing qualitative policing on gender-based issues:

(A)  Programme which enhances direct access to the Criminal Justice System

(a) VIKALP-A web portal dedicated exclusively to registering and processing complaints regarding crimes against women, which uses innovative digital technology to ensure over 95% police compliance and transparency

(B) Programmes related to civil society and perception-building

(a) RU-BA-RU - Direct interaction between police and students for gender equality

(b) SAATHI  - Involving the citizens directly in Community Policing by creating a corps of "citizen cadets"

(c) AKSHAYA - Self-defence programme for girl students

(d) ADHIKAAR - Legal literacy and knowledge-sharing

(e) SAARTHI - Making public transport safe for women

(f) JAGRITI - Awareness- generation regarding gender issues by public figures

(C) Programme for In-house Capacity - building

(a) NAVCHETNA - Gender-sensitization, legal literacy and soft skill enhancing workshops of police personnel

(D) Programme with Academic Orientation

(a) SHODH EVAM SAMWAAD - Promoting research, dialogue and discussion around Gender-related issues and drawing up policy suggestions from them

This is the first time ever that a full-fledged organization has been set-up in the State which exclusively looks into the policing aspects of issues related to women. With proactive support pouring in from UNICEF, Action Aid, various government departments (specially the MHA, Bureau of Police Research and Development and Home Department) as well as the civil society, the campaigns have gained in strength continually over a period of two years.

With the passage of time, the policing aspect of issues related to children were also entrusted to the MSP and it was also made the nodal agency for the anti-Human Trafficking efforts of the State.

The work of MSP has been praised by leading publications like World Business Times, India Today, The Times of India as well as by Members of Parliament (MPs) from India, Canada and UK.

Given our dedication to quality, we have also been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification, which vouchsafes for the structural and functional soundness of the organization.

A strong social media presence also ensures that the gap in societal awareness and proactive governance is suitably addressed.

The USP of the Mahila Samman Prakoshth is that despite being a lean organization with very limited resources, it has created and implemented direct interventions that helps in fostering a robust environment for women empowerment.

It has gained tremendous goodwill in civil society within a very short time and in the process, has suitably addressed the existing trust-deficit between the citizens and police in relation to gender- related crimes.

Mahila Sammman Prokoshth



Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha


Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police
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