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हमारे बारे में आर्थिक अपराध शाखा (ईओडब्ल्यू)

Economic Offences Wing is Located at  Police Bhawan, near ICANA Stadium, Gomti Nagar Vistar, Lucknow
Fax : 0522-      . Ph : 0522-2390246/2390293/ 2390474



The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) came into existence in 1970, as a part of CID. In 1977, it became a separate specialized investigation branch of U.P. Police.


EOW conducts Investigation and Prosecution of cases of cheating, fraud and misappropriation of government money concerning the following departments:

1. Forest 6. Excise
2. Transport 7. Agriculture
3. Food and Civil Supplies 8. Panchayati Raj
4. Local Bodies 9. Minor Irrigation
5.   Industries   10. Sales Tax

Government can also entrust this agency with cases concerning other departments and private persons, depending upon the ramification of the economic offences committed. The EOW also collects intelligence regarding loss of Govt. Revenue and brings such cases to the knowledge of the Govt. for follow up action.


EOW is headed by an Addl. D.G. and its headquarters are located on the 5th floor of Indira Bhawan on Ashok Marg at Lucknow. At the H.Q. he is assisted by three I.G. and two Dy. Inspr.Genl.of police. This wing has five Sector offices out of which Lucknow and H.Q. Sector are located at Lucknow and one Sector each at Meerut, Kanpur and Varanasi. Each Sector is headed by one SP and has a staff of two Dy. Supdts of Police, Four Inspectors and one Prosecuting-Officer besides other supporting staff.

A Special Cell to deal with cases of Non-Banking Finance Companies, Fake Currency, Cyber Crime and Copyright Act has also been established with the EOW since 2000. It is headed by an I.G. who is assisted by a Superintendent of Police with one Dy. S.P., two Inspectors and 10 Sub inspectors. The Special Cell operates from the headquarters at Indira Bhawan, Lucknow and coordinates this work among the districts of U.P. as the nodal agency for fake currency / fake stamp papers / non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) etc.

The EOW reports directly to the Gopan Dept. (Section-8 of Home dept.) and most cases are referred to the organization by this department. However, cases related to fake currency / fake stamp papers / NBFCs can also be referred directly by D.G.P., U.P.

Some important enquiries/investigation being carried out recently:

  • Food Scam of District Gonda where large-scale irregularities were detected in 'Food for work' programme relating to S.G.R.Y.(2001-2005)
  • Irregularities in Purchase of books and stationeries in large-scale unnecessarily under Swarn Jayanti Swarojgar Yojana.
  • Fertilizer subsidy Scam.
  • Financial loss to UP Govt by supply of duplicate medicines by UPDPL in past years
  • Irregularities in Purchase of seeds by UP Seeds Development Corporation .
  • Food Scam of District Ballia where large scale irregularities were detected in "Food for Work" Programme relating to SGRY(2002-03-2004-05)


Any definite information regarding loss of Government Revenue may be intimated at following Phone numbers.

ADG, EOW 2287253 (0522)
IG (Estt.)/ I.G.(Spl. Cell) 2287256 (0522)
IG (W) 2287246 (0522)
IG (East) 2288414 (0522)

ई0ओ0डब्लू0 की जॉच/विवेचनाओं में वांछित अभियुक्तों की सूची

क्र.सं.नाम, पता, अपराधीवांछित अभियोगों का विवरणघोषित पुरस्कार
1. श्रीमती इन्दु चावला, पत्नी श्री जे0 एन0 चावला। डायरेक्टर राकलैण्ड लीजिंग कम्पनी लि0। ई-346, ग्रेटर कैलाश-1, नई दिल्ली। मु0अ0सं0-516/98 एवं 516 ए/98, धारा 406/ 420/467/ 468/471/120बी भां.दं.वि. थाना हजरतगंज, जनपद लखनऊ।
अभियुक्त ने राकलैण्ड लीजिंग लि0 एवं राकलैण्ड थर्मोनिक्स लि0 कम्पनी चलाकर जनता के बहुत से लोगों से बचत योजनाओं में अधिक व्याज दर पर लालच देकर धन जमा कराया और उसे निवेशकों को लौटाये बिना भारी मात्रा में धनराशि का गबन कर कम्पनी बन्द करके भाग गये।
रू0 5000/- प्रति अभियुक्त
2. हरीशचन्द्र ज्ञाम्ब पुत्र श्री एल0सी0 ज्ञाम्ब, डायरेक्टर, राकलैण्ड लीजिंग कम्पनी लि0। सी/ 2बी/ 33ए, जनकपुरी, नई दिल्ली।
3. तरूण चावला पुत्र श्री जगमोहन चावला । वाई-38, हौज खास, नई दिल्ली।
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