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Juvenile Justice

An Initiative towards Developing Child Friendly Police

The Special Juvenile Police Units (SJPUs) and Child Welfare Officers (CWOs), are a progressive introduction to the JJ Act 2000, an idea that stems from the child friendly police concept envisioned under the UN Beijing Rules, 1985. The SJPUs and CWOs seeks to address the above and other concerns related to children, by making incremental and positive changes to the very nature of police - child interactions.

The present of initiative of Uttar Pradesh Police with technical support from UNICEF office of Uttar Pradesh is to create awareness with in the Police Personnel of Uttar Pradesh Police especially Child Welfare Officers and SJPU Members and at large in the society about protection issues of the Juveniles/ Children.

The objective of this information sharing on the website are :

  • To create an aware mechanism within the police station for quick response in addressing issues related with child protection prescribed under Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (Act no. 56 of 2000) as amended by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2006 (Act no. 33 of 2006)
  • To establish more humane, integrated and child rights respecting police practices in responding to and dealing with children in Uttar Pradesh through sharing information related to Child Protection
  • To create an aware society responding to the needs of the children in various situations of neglect and ensuring fair and equitable treatment for all children involved in the Juvenile Justice System.
  • To Provide information about existing services related to Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (Act no. 56 of 2000) as amended by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2006 (Act no. 33 of 2006) for providing protection of Children and ensuring care to children in need

The focus of this website is to make information and resources available in the area of Juveniles in Conflict with Law and Children in Need of Care and Protection. The aim is to increase information exchange and to disseminate information on these issues amongst police, young persons, social workers, community workers and civil society at large. You are invited to post your suggestions, articles on this site to raise contentious issues, good practices etc on juveniles/ children.




Training Presentations for Police on Juvenile Justice System



Laws and Guidelines related to Juvenile Justice Act for Police


Download different forms for Police of Juvenile Justice Care and Protection of Children Rule 2007:



Information List for Police




Laws related to Children

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act,2012 [PDF] 2.7 MB  |   Language:English


UN Publications




Important Supreme Court and High Court Judgments on Juvenile Justice Act 2000, amended 2006




Data and Information 


(Courtesy UNICEF Lucknow)


Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha


Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police
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