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Vaama Saarthi About Us

Vaama Saarthi
UP Police Family Welfare Association

Association's President's Message :

President's Message
      Uttar Pradesh Police Family Association has traditionally worked for the amelioration and welfare of the police personnel and their families over the past several years. It is extremely gratifying to note that it has served this avowed mission with painstaking care.
      With a rich perspective in thought the association was rechristened Vaama Saarthi, Uttar Pradesh Police Family Welfare Association.The name Vaama Saarthi is self denotive - Vaama refers to the woman of the family who holds the reins of the family's chariot in order to play the selfless nurturer pledged to her family's good. A healthy state of mental, physical, psychological, social and emotional development of all our women will foster in turn a salubrious environment suited for their families to flourish conduicively. Vaama Saarthi is pledged to this noble mission full- heartedly.
      Vaama Saarthi aims at organizing programmes which are instrumental in forming highest ideals of citizenship in our members, thus ensuring a brighter tomorrow for our nation. Serving humanitarian goals is Vaama Saarthi's enduring call. Career counselling for children of the police family so that they arrive at well informed decisions pertaining to career choices is yet another concern of Vaama Saarthi. Several programmes centering around health, hygiene and fitness figure prominently in Vaama Saarthi's annual agenda. Under the banner of Mahila Griha Udyog, Vaama Saarthi ensures to make things as achar, papad, mats, tailoring goods, embroidered items etc at customer friendly prices.
      Infant care at Infant welfare centres ( creches) is another innovative welfare measure recently incorporated by Vaama Saarthi. Sessions aimed at imparting growing awareness regarding personal hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness are Vaama's incessant call. Modern scientific steps as rain water harvesting, manufacturing solar energy etc for self reliance are again goals Vaama is firmly pursuing.
      I heartily summon a full hearted participation from all police families in order to realize the aforementioned humanitarian goals. May good health abound in plenty for all and may Vaama Saarthi soar to iconic heights of success in all fields of welfare, safety, betterment and progress of the police personnel and their families!
      With best wishes to all.

Neelam Singh

Mission and Vision:

"With the view of providing holistic solutions to the Health, Safety, Welfare and Empowerment of Women and Children in a family, Vama Saarthi is pursuing the humanitarian goals by associating like minded persons among Police families"

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police

Mahila Samman Prakoshtha


Mahila Samman Prakoshtha, U.P. Police
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