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Women Security New Programmes

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Programs which enhances issues of child & women safety are as follows -

(b) Operation Muskan - Reuniting missing children
(c) Operation Destroy - Recovery of Pornographic materialand taking suitable legal actions.
(d) Operation Atmraksha - Self-defenceprogramme for girls
(e) Child Friendly Policing - Training of trainers and capacity building of SJPU/CWPO

The work of MSP has been praised by leading publications like World Business Times, India Today, The Times of India as well as by Members of Parliament (MPs) from India, Canada and UK.

Given our dedication to quality, we have also been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification, which vouchsafes for the structural and functional soundness of the organization.
A strong social media presence also ensures that the gap in societal awareness and proactive governance is suitably addressed.
The USP of the MahilaSammanPrakoshth is that despite being a lean organization with very limited resources, it has created and implemented direct interventions that help in fostering a robust environment for women empowerment and safety.

It has gained tremendous goodwill in civil society within a very short time and in the process, has suitably addressed the existing trust-deficit between the citizens and police in relation to gender- related crimes.

Approach towards project implementation

As past experience suggest, increasing violence against women and children could not only solve from traditional policing, there is need to have collaboration between the police and the community that identifies and solves deep-rooted problem. With the police should no longer be the sole guardians of law and order, all members of the community become active allies in the effort to enhance the safety and protection of women and children in their community especially when violence against women and children has social sanction and rooted in patriarchal mindset. The expanded outlook on prevention of crime and crime control especially related to women and children, the new emphasis on making community members active participants in the process of problem solving and encourage a dialogue between police and public. With this understanding MahilaSammanPrakoshth is undertaking multipronged approach as detailed out below. 


India is home to more than 400 million children below the age of 18 years, and is considered one of the countries in which youth and children comprise more than 55% of the population. These children represent diverse cultures, religions, castes, communities & social 10and economic groups. The Government is undoubtedly committed to doing its best for children. However, despite its best efforts, there are innumerable children who are subjected to exploitation and atrocities of various kinds. Moreover, countless children go ‘missing’ every year. The incidents of child trafficking are increasing every year.

MahilaSammamPrakosth is the nodal agency in coordinating the matters of missing children as well as conducting the Operation Muskaan and Smile for rescue and rehabilitation of missing children involving AHTUs and SJPUs with support from different stakeholders such as MahilaKalyaan, Labour Department, Child Line and NGO partners. It is also coordinating with other state police agencies for tracing of missing children under Operation Muskaan. MSP also conducts follow-ups by phone calls and on data received from email.

In the month of June to August 2018, Operation Muskan drive launched all over Uttar Pradesh by DGP, UP and  approx 2200 children were recovered and reunited with their families.


UP Police started 'Operation Destroy' in the month of June 2018 to destroy and recover the pornographic material under their jurisdiction of each district of Uttar Pradesh. After two months long drive 114 cases were registered in all over UP and large amount of material recovered.


Operation Atmraksha is one of the key programs, which is launched by DGP, UP and ADG, UPPMSP to protect girl students from any kind of abuse by miscreants, it is a self-defense training programme with a holistic approach for all-round development of children of schools and colleges. From June 2018, approx. 97500 girls and boys were trained on self-defense techniques to instil in them a sense of  Self-Strength, Self-Confidence, Self-Respect.


The Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPUs) and Child Welfare Police Officers (CWPOs), is a progressive introduction to the JJ Act 2015, an idea that stems from the child friendly police concept envisioned under the UN Beijing Rules, 1985. The SJPU seeks to address the above and other concerns related to children, by making incremental and positive changes to the very nature of police - child interactions.

In 2016-17, the process and resources for setting up 20 Child Friendly Police Stations and 20 Model Special Juvenile Police Units in 20 districts have been initiated with the support of Police and Home Department. Basic structure and resources have been created in the concerned districts. About 900 Police Officers have been trained on Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 and POCSO Act, 2012 through UP Police MahilaSammanPrakosth with UNICEF support covering 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh. MSP will further work towards strengthening the functioning of MSJPUs and Child Friendly Police Stations through coaching, hand holding and on site technical support.

Key programs completed in previous months back are as follows:

  • • A standard operating procedure (SOP) for police personnel has developed to deal with children in conflict with law as well as children in need of care and protection and distributed to all the Police Stations
  • • After developing the SOP, A Training of Trainers have organized for 8 zones of Uttar Pradesh and approx. 600 Police Personnel trained on child related laws such as:  JJ act, 2015 and POCSO, act 2012 with live case studies from field related issues. (Repository Directory of Lucknow)
  • • Two days training of all child welfare police officers and SHOs of Lucknow district have also organized to deal with children effectively in their respective police stations.
  • •  A resource directory has developed for better networking and coordination for rehabilitation of women and children in Lucknow District. Direction issued to all remaining district to develop such type of directories for their own district based on Lucknow resource directory.
  • • Hindi version of Missing Children SOP also launched in the month of July, 2018 and distributed to all the police stations of Uttar Pradesh 



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