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Finger Print Bureau (FPB)

Finger Print Bureau

Police Bhawan, 7th floor, 4th Tower, near EKANA Stadium, Gomti Nagar Vistar, Lucknow

Finger prints in crime investigation use two kinds of identification - Personal identification and chance Print identification. Personal identification involves establishing the true identity of a person who is already in custody. The most important and crucial Finger print application is linking the Finger impressions detected and lifted from the scene of crime to the criminal who committed the crime and is called' chance print ' identification.

To achieve these objectives the record of finger prints of convicted persons are maintained in the Finger Print Bureau under specific schedule of offences. The records are stored in two categories- Ten digit Finger print records using Henry system of classification for personal identification and single digit records using Battley system of classification for scene of crime print identification.

The system in its century long growth has established its efficacy as an infallible investigator's tool to unravel the truth in several sensational crimes world over. With the advent of information technology this system maintained essentially by the manual efforts of the experts, is now being automated for faster responses, and Finger print records are now being computerized


The Forensic science Laboratory was established in 1983 at Allahabad. The function of this Laboratory was to establish the identity of criminals based on Anthropometrics System. After the establishment of the Finger Print Bureau Sri E.R. Hennery came to Allahabad to bring about an improvement and efficiency in its working. After the creation of C.I.D. in 1906 this Bureau came under its administrative control. In 1926 C.I.D. Department was shifted from this building to secretariat block no 2 Sarojni Naidu Marg, Allahabad and Finger Prints Bureau was also established in that building. In 1993 Finger Print Bureau was shifted to Lucknow.

The following sections/ Units are now functioning in Finger Print Bureau :-

  • 10 digit section :- The record slips of 10 digit Finger prints of convicted persons are kept in this section. This is an important section which helps to identify unknown criminals and deceased persons who were previously convicted and also provides their criminal history.
  • Search section :- To match finger prints of unknown suspects and dead bodies the finger print bureau search section is activated for possible positive matching. In the bureau, examination of the F.P.S. slip which furnish all necessary information as to the real name, parentage, cast, residence and past criminality of the person.
  • Finger Print opinion Section :- This unit is helpful in drawing conclusion in cases before the court of law.
  • Photo Section :- This section prepares photographs of disputed Finger prints received from courts and scenes of crime which can be produced/ shown at the time of evidence to convince the court.
  • Single Digit Bureau :- This section collects the record of criminals convicted u/s 380/ 454/ 457/ 461/ 379/ 394/ 395/ 396/ 397/ 398/ 399/ 402 IPC so that the finger print found at the scene of crime can be searched in the record.
  • Training section :- This section gives training of proficient to the Head constables/ constables of the district Police so that they may successfully take the Finger prints of convicts and send to the bureau for records. DCRB SIs and Field unit personnel are also given training here.
  • Codification Section :- In 1991 by this bureau codification system of Finger prints was started.

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