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List of Orders Unit

S.NoOrder UnitOrder NumberOrder DescriptionOrder DateDownload
1 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 15-08-2014 TOTEL PEGE 1316/08/2014 Download
2 Police HqrsV/X/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 13-08-2014 TOTEL PEGE 0213/08/2014 Download
3 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 09-08-2014 TOTEL PEGE 1709/08/2014 Download
4 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 04-08-2014 TOTEL PEGE 2105/08/2014 Download
5 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 22-07-2014 TOTAL PAGE 2822/07/2014 Download
6 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 12-07-2014 TOTAL PAGE 2812/07/2014 Download
7 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 05-07-2014 TOTAL PAGE 3506/07/2014 Download
8 Police HqrsV/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 01-07-2014 TOTAL PAGE 0301/07/2014 Download
9 Police HqrsV/X/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 27-06-2014 TOTAL PAGE 2527/06/2014 Download
10 Police HqrsX/XVIII-20141 ASIM AND 1 CONS AP TRANS12/06/2014 Download
11 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 06-06-2014 TOTAL PAGE 6006/06/2014 Download
12 Police HqrsV/X/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 22-02-2014 TOTAL PAGE 0822/02/2014 Download
13 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 15-02-2014 TOTAL PAGE 4615/02/2014 Download
14 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 15-02-2014 TOTAL PAGE 4615/02/2014 Download
15 Police Hqrsx-400-2014/15298C.D Munna Singh from 35 PAC LKW TO LKW11/02/2014 Download
16 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 07-02-2014 TOTAL PAGE 3707/02/2014 Download
17 Police Hqrs314-2014/15240SICP Gyanendra Singh from Knd to Ald Zone28/01/2014 Download
18 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 24-01-2014 TOTAL PAGE 51 24/01/2014 Download
19 Police HqrsV/X/18/2014ALL TRANSFER DATE 24-01-2014 TOTAL PAGE 51 24/01/2014 Download
20 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)02 CONST CP FROM DISTT TO DISTT14/01/2014 Download
21 Police HqrsV-314-2014SI CP KIRAHNA KUMAR FROM BRY TO AGA ZONE14/01/2014 Download
22 Police HqrsX-400-2014CONST DRI RAM AVTRA FROM FGH TO ETH14/01/2014 Download
23 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)06 CONST CP FROM DISTT TO DISTT14/01/2014 Download
24 Police HqrsV-314-2014SI CP DARSHAN YADAV FROM BRH TO LKW ZONE14/01/2014 Download
25 Police HqrsV-314-2014SI CP DARSHAN YADAV FROM BRH TO LKW ZONE14/01/2014 Download
26 Police Hqrs18-128-2014ASI(M) SHATRUGHAN FROM 36 PAC TO VNS RANJ CANCEL14/01/2014 Download
27 Police Hqrs18-128-2014ASI(M) RADHA CHARAN14/01/2014 Download
28 Police HqrsX-400-2014CONST DRI LAXIMI KANT FROM RBI TO ALD14/01/2014 Download
29 Police HqrsV-(NONDEF)2014 CONST AP OM PRAKESH YADEV FROM:KBN TO PTC GKR14/01/2014 Download
30 Police HqrsV-(NONDEF)2014 CONST CP RAKESH KUMAR FROM UAO TO SIT LKW14/01/2014 Download
31 Police HqrsV-(NONDEF)2014 CONST CP KANDVEER SINGH FROM LKW TO EOW LKW14/01/2014 Download
32 Police HqrsV-314-2014sicp manish kumar from FRZ TO KNC ZONE14/01/2014 Download
33 Police HqrsV-1013-2014CONST CP ANWAR ALI FROM: INT LKW TO LKW14/01/2014 Download
34 Police HqrsV-317-2014SI CPKULDEEP SINGH FROM: INT HQ LKW TO MDD14/01/2014 Download
35 Police HqrsV-314-2014SICP HARIBHAN SINGH FROM UAO TO INT HQ LKW14/01/2014 Download
36 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)/201408 police karmi from distt to distts14/01/2014 Download
37 Police Hqrs18-128-2014ASI(M)VINAY KUMAR FROM;BBK TO PCL 14/01/2014 Download
38 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)201405 SICP &03 CONST CP FROM DISTT TO STF LKW14/01/2014 Download
39 Police HqrsV-314-201402 SI CP FROM DISTT TO ZONE/CANCEL14/01/2014 Download
40 Police HqrsV-317-2014SI CP RAMESH SINGH RAVTA FROM GBN TO LKW ZONE14/01/2014 Download
41 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)/201421 POLICE KARMI FROM DISTT TO DISTT/CANCEL14/01/2014 Download
42 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)/201409 POLICE KARMI FROM DISTT TO DISTT/CANCEL 14/01/2014 Download
43 Police HqrsV-314-201404 SI CP DISTT TO ZONE /STAY 14/01/2014 Download
44 Police HqrsX-400-2014CONST DRI RAJ KISHOR FROM KHI TO SHA14/01/2014 Download
45 Police HqrsV-1003-2014CONST DR VIJAY KRISHA DISTT TO GRP CANCEL14/01/2014 Download
46 Police HqrsV-1003-2014CONST CP SHAHD KHAN FROM AZH TO GRP CANCEL 14/01/2014 Download
47 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)-201309 KARMI FROM: DISTT TO DISTT & CANCEL13/01/2014 Download
48 Police Hqrsv-lll(meritak ashrit )201309 LSI CP FROM:PTC STP TO DISTT13/01/2014 Download
49 Police HqrsV-(NON DEF)2014CONST CP SATENDER KUMAR FROM LKW TO SIT LKW13/01/2014 Download
50 Police HqrsV-(PCL)2014C AP RAJESH KUMAR FROM MZR TO PCL13/01/2014 Download
51 Police HqrsV-308-2014C CP INDRADEV FROM LKW TO T. TAX13/01/2014 Download
52 Police HqrsV-(VIG)-201402 CONST CP FROM: DISTT TO VIG UP LKW13/01/2014 Download
53 Police HqrsX-(NON DEF)201401 HC CP& 01SICP VS FROM:KHI/VNS TO EOW13/01/2014 Download
54 Police HqrsV-314-201403 SI CP FROM:DISTT TO ZONE13/01/2014 Download
55 Police HqrsX-400-2014CONST DRI AJAY PRAKASH FROM:ALD TO LKW13/01/2014 Download
56 Police HqrsX-208-(SEC)02 PC KARMI SEC HQ TO PAC HQ CANCEL13/01/2014 Download
57 Police HqrsV-900(PCL)-2014SI CP GULAB TRIPATHI FROM PBH TO PCL LKW13/01/2014 Download
58 Police HqrsX-(CBCID)2014HCAP RADHESHAYAM FROM KSI TO CBCID13/01/2014 Download
59 Police HqrsV-(NON DEF)2014C CP WAHID AHAMAD FROM LKW TO VIG LKW13/01/2014 Download
60 Police HqrsV-(NON DEF)2014C CP FHATHEBHADUR FROM KSI TO CCOP CELL LKW13/01/2014 Download
61 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)-201416 POLICE KARMI FROM DISTT TO DISTT 13/01/2014 Download
62 Police HqrsV-314-2014SI CP RAKESH KUMAR FROM ALD TO VNS ZONE13/01/2014 Download
63 Police HqrsX-400-2014C DRI ANDRAJEET FROM PMT STP TO PMT VNS13/01/2014 Download
64 Police HqrsV-(IV CALSS)-2014COOK GHANSHYAM FROM ALD TO PHQ ALD13/01/2014 Download
65 Police Hqrs18-128-2014ASI(M) ANJU RANI FROM 06 PAC TO MRT ZONE13/01/2014 Download
66 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)-201405 POLICE KARMI FROM:DISTT TO distt 13/01/2014 Download
67 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)-201402 HC CP STF TO DISTT 13/01/2014 Download
68 Police HqrsV-314-2014SI CP RAJKUMAR FROM KSI TO LKW ZONE13/01/2014 Download
69 Police HqrsV-314-201407 SI CP FROM DISTT TO ZONE 13/01/2014 Download
70 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)-201418 POLICE KARMI FROM DISTT TO DISTT 13/01/2014 Download
71 Police HqrsV-(CBCID)201403 CONST CP FROM:DISTT TO CBCID13/01/2014 Download
72 Police HqrsV-(NON DEF)2014SI CP RAKESH UPADHYA FROM BNA TO SCRB KW13/01/2014 Download
73 Police HqrsV-900(PCL)-2014SI CP SURESH NAQRYAN FROM STR TO PCL LKW13/01/2014 Download
74 Police HqrsV-308-201402 CONST CP FROM: DISTT TO T. TAX LKW13/01/2014 Download
75 Police HqrsV-(NON DEF)2014C CP JAI PRAKESH FROM KHI TO SIT LKW13/01/2014 Download
76 Police HqrsX-400-2014C DRI RAM VICHAR YADAV FROM GKR TO GZR13/01/2014 Download
77 Police Hqrs18-111-2014SI(M)ST RAJKUMAR FROM BLR TO LKW ZONE13/01/2014 Download
78 Police HqrsX-400-201403 CONST DRI FROM DISTT/UNITS TO DISTT 13/01/2014 Download
79 Police HqrsV-1475(SA)-201416 POLICE KARMI FROM DISTT TO DISTT 13/01/2014 Download

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